PowerDirector MOD APK v9.6.0 Download (Premium Unlocked)

PowerDirector MOD APK v9.6.0 Download (Premium Unlocked)

Cyberlink Corp

Overview information

Name PowerDirector Pro
Updated On
Package com.cyberlink.powerdirector.DRA140225_01
Publisher Cyberlink Corp
Category Photography
Size 100MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Version 9.6.0
MOD Features Premium Features Unlocked

PowerDirector Mod Apk is a movie editor app that has received numerous positive comments since it came out. Powerdirector Pro Apk makes it possible for you to create your videos and photos known as movies by editing them with an array of incredible features. It has been rated the most popular video-editing software among Android devices, and many users have provided great feedback about how well it works.

PowerDirector Mod Apk is the latest version of this App, updated on October 27, 2015, and its size is only 8.46MB. Very small file size for an app that comes with lots of great features, isn’t it? This App is now in its 3rd year as the world’s No.1 Movie Editing app for android. Therefore, there is no doubt about its popularity and credibility in the phone editing market.

PowerDirector MOD APK

The first thing that makes this App different from the others is its unique technique of movie editing. Unlike another video where one person speaks at a time, Powerdirector enables you to add multiple videos in your movie and splice them together into a professional-looking masterpiece. It will also allow you to set the voices, music, and effects in the editing process and create a unique movie or animation.

Powerdirector is not all about making “movie masterpieces” but also about protecting your videos. With this App, you can protect your videos from being copied by adding password protection and locking them with passwords so that nobody can move or delete them.

Powerdirector Mod Apk

PowerDirector Mod Apk is simply a modded version of the Powerdirector app that Sony Corporation first released in 2006. Like all apps, this one has also gone through several upgrades and modifications for users’ enjoyment. With each day, new features are added to the latest versions of the App, making it even better with each release. However, these features are only available to those who have invested in the paid version of the App.

PowerDirector Apk comes with an array of features that make it even better than its original form. It is possible by simply activating a couple of specific components within the App that comes as modded versions. For this, you will need to have root access on your Android device.

PowerDirector MOD APK

Powerdirector Pro Mod Apk allows you to have video background music from different sources such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and many others all at once with a single click. You will also be allowed to add different elements like stickers and transitions into the movie you are editing. You can also switch from SD video mode to HD video mode in a snap for better quality video resolution when editing the movie.

PowerDirector Pro Apk is a recent version of the original Powerdirector app. It was released in August 2015 and offered a cool set of features not available in its previous versions. It also comes with an array of unlocked components that enable you to edit your videos to perfection without having to pay for anything.

How does Powerdirector Pro Apk work?

PowerDirector Pro Apk has been rated the best App for android devices which comes with a simple but powerful editing tool. This tool is then used to create stunning videos and edit them on different devices like desktop computers, laptops, and many others. When using this App, you first need to select your video from the gallery you have on your device.

PowerDirector MOD APK

Will then load it into the App, where you can edit it in any way you like using all the available features in the App. When you are done with that, click continue and add a music background right away. You can also choose a title for your movie and the fonts and colours you want to use in your movie. The next thing is to check whether all these are correct before you click on share so that you can share them with your family and friends.

The latest PowerDirector Pro Mod Apk 2.0 in early 2016, and since then, it has been growing its popularity among the users of android devices, Because is an ad-free app that offers some of the best features you can find in other competing video editing apps but without making you pay a single penny. You can now create and edit your videos using this App for free.

Features of PowerDirector Mod Apk

PowerDirector Mod Apk comes with a simple video editor that makes it possible to edit your videos the way you want without having to read complex manuals or watch tutorials on how to use the App.

PowerDirector pro apk

Chroma Key and Effects

Another cool thing about PowerDirector Pro Mod Apk is that it allows you to add a background video into your movie and choose which part of the video you want on the screen. You can also have an overlay or a title featured along with the background video.

If you are not satisfied with any specific effect, you do not need to worry about it because it is possible to change it right away using this App. You will also add different overlays and choose the one you like without messing up with anything on your device.

Collage Video Maker

With PowerDirector Pro Mod Apk, you can now create various videos at once and then combine them into an extended video.

Music Options

If you want to add a nice touch to your movie, all you need to do is add some background music, and this App will allow you to choose the best one for your video from many sources such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and many others. You will also be allowed to change the volume of that particular music and add some cool stickers as part of your video.

PowerDirector MOD APK

Faster Editing Speeds

PowerDirector Pro Apk is considered the best android video editing app because it has a fast rendering engine that makes it possible to speed up editing videos. In turn, saves time which allows you to save more space on your device.

Multiple format support

This video editing app also comes with a rich set of features that support most types of videos, such as MP4, MKV, AVCHD, and many others. It also supports high-definition formats like the full HD ones, which you can play on different devices without having to convert into other formats before playing. You should know about this App because it can support videos with up to 4K quality, making it possible to edit and save HD videos on your devices.

Support for Trimming, Cropping, and Filters

When using PowerDirector Pro Apk, you are allowed to trim your video clips so that they can be precisely customized and edited. You can also add filters to your videos to look better, and you can even change the color in just a few seconds using this App.

No Watermark

PowerDirector Pro Apk comes with no watermark, which means you can use the App to edit and create videos without having to worry whether there is a watermark on your movie or not.

PowerDirector pro apk

Android Hardware Acceleration Supported

This video editing app has been tested on many devices such as Xperia Z1, Galaxy S4, Nexus 7, etc. The good news is that PowerDirector Pro Apk can support the acceleration of Android Hardware on devices which helps you to edit your videos faster with this App.

Multiple Audio Tracks Supported

Users can enjoy multi audio tracks for their video files and even apply different effects according to each audio track. You can control your video and create something unique by mixing many audio tracks.

Direct uploading to YouTube

With PowerDirector Pro Mod Apk, you can now upload videos directly to YouTube without having to go through the hassle of converting them into a different format first. Is possible because this App allows users to upload their HD videos to YouTube in many formats such as MP4 and many others.

Continue editing other videos while uploading

Another great thing about PowerDirector Pro Apk is that you can continue to edit other videos while you are in the process of uploading your latest one. Instead of being forced to wait for hours until your video has been uploaded, you can upload it in the background and continue working on your other videos.

PowerDirector mod apk 2021

Twin Video Camera Support

With this App, you can now create a split-screen video with both camera qualities to be more interesting for your audience. You should know that with PowerDirector Pro Apk, you are allowed to add up to 2 cameras in your project, whether they are from your tablet or phone.

Quick Preview of Edited Movie

PowerDirector Pro Apk comes with a quick preview feature that allows you to check how the final movie will look like before actually playing it. It s considered one of the best features offered by this App because you can now easily see if some changes need to be made to improve the quality and appearance of your video.

Export project to iPhones or iPads

Another great thing about PowerDirector Pro Apk is that it supports exporting files for different devices such as the iPad or iPhone so that you can then view your edited movies on these devices.

Adjustable Settings when Editing

Right now, PowerDirector Pro Apk allows users to adjust some of the settings they want for their videos, such as adjusting the audio volume and even setting up the speed of your movie. It is very convenient. It will surely give you more power over your video projects, which will look more professional.

PowerDirector MOD APK

Video Stabilization Feature

PowerDirector Pro Apk is also equipped with a video stabilization feature that allows users to edit video clips to look great and professional no matter what angle the videos have been shot from. The good news is that this App will keep your videos steady even if you are filming while moving or walking, which is a huge plus if you are using this App to create professional videos.

How to Download Powerdirector Mod Apk for Android

To download PowerDirector Mod Apk for your Android smartphone or tablet, you should go to the google play store and search for this App there. Once you have found it, all you need to do is click on it and then tap install, confirm it once asked by tapping “Install” again, and wait until the installation has finished, which will not take long.

Step 1. Go to Download Page

Step 2. Select the type of Download to your device.

Step 3. Tap Download Button and wait until App is downloaded on your device.

Step 4. Find Powerdirector MOD apk file in downloads and open it, confirm the installation.

Step 5. Go to your device’s Settings » Security » check the “Unknown Sources.”

Step 6. Go to your installed APK file and open it, confirm the installation.

How to Download Powerdirector Pro for PC / Windows

PowerDirector Pro for pc / Windows is an excellent tool for editing high-definition video on your computer. It’s easy to use, has many great features, and allows you to create professional-quality videos in minutes with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Step 1. Powerdirector pro for pc download the software from our site or download it from another website.

Step 2. Double click on Powerdirector pro for pc, and installation will start. Follow the instructions to finish the installation process and wait until the “Finish” button appears when the setup is complete.

Step 3. Select language, click next > select destination folder by clicking on Next button.

Step 4. Click “Finish.”

Will install the application, and you can use it right away.

Once completed, You can open Powerdirector Pro Apk from your Pc/Computer by clicking the icon on your desktop or taskbar below the clock. If not found, search for it in ‘Programs’ or ‘All Programs.

What’s New in PowerDirector Premium Apk

New: RAW support for Camera Import ― you can now import images directly from your camera in the RAW format.

RAW files contain a wider range of colours than JPEG and offer greater control over exposure settings. You can adjust white balance, exposure compensation, further edits to hue/saturation/contrast, etc. After importing RAW files, click “Adjust” on the bottom bar to launch the photo editor and further adjust your photos.

Step 1: Open PowerDirector

Step 2: Select ‘Camera’ from the bottom bar

You can then import images by clicking ‘Import.’ PowerDirector will use Google’s Camera app to access your camera directly. The Camera app also does the resolution metering, so images may appear larger on-screen than they are.

Will add the imported image to your library at the size it took it. You can then access your photo in either grid or filmstrip mode and start editing your photos!

New: GIF Support for Timeline ― now you can import and add GIF files to your timeline!

The imported media will be added, with the first frame of the animation appearing at 0 seconds. You can drag the image around in your timeline or click on it to open up editing tools like video or images in edit mode.

Step 1: Open PowerDirector

Step 2: Select ‘Timeline’ from the bottom bar

Step 3: Tap’ Import Media’ to open up the ‘File Import’ menu

Step 4. Select GIF file with, and will add it to your timeline!

New: Fun stickers in Video Edit mode ― you can now add more fun to your video project by adding stickers into your video edit! Simply tapping on the sticker icon, you can add stickers to your video from the ‘Video Edit’ page.

PowerDirector Mod Apk FAQs

I like to edit videos and create my cinematic masterpieces. I’ve been using Windows Movie Maker for a long time, but it’s too limited when you want more control over the video editing process because of all the limitations that come with free PowerDirector Mod Apk software.

Q 1. How Can I download PowerDirector Pro for Free?

A. You can Download PowerDirector Pro for free using our tutorial to download and install the latest version of the PowerDirector app without paying a single penny.

Q 2. I’ve downloaded PowerDirector APK, but how do I use it on my Android device?

A. To use your file in an Android smartphone or tablet, you need to ensure you have ‘Unknown sources’ enabled under Settings > Security of your Android device.

Q 3. Does this method will remove my existing file?

A. No! You can still use your old file, but installing PowerDirector APK will add a new icon, an additional shortcut that allows you to access the App easily.

Q 4. When do I need to update this file?

A. Updates are published regularly in Android Market. You should be able to get the latest version without any problems by simply updating your PowerDirector Pro application through Android Market as you normally would. You can also check back here if there’s a new update for PowerDirector APK.

Q 5. Do I need to download a particular version of android?

A. All you’d need is Android OS 2.1 or above with hardware that supports this App, so if your smartphone or tablet runs on Android OS, then there’s no problem using this file in it!

Q 6. How do I uninstall PowerDirector App?

A. You can easily uninstall the package by going to Settings–>Applications in your Android device and then selecting the App, clicking on it, and choosing Uninstall.

Q 7. What if there is no update for the PowerDirector Free apk file?

A. You can continue using our version and wait for the update, which is regularly done. You can also check back here if there’s a new PowerDirector Free apk file available, or you may want to consider downloading from Android Market, where Google does regular updates on their apps and games.


Thankfully, an app called PowerDirector Mod Apk lets me take things up a notch by giving me access to better features than any other editor out there, including transitions, filters, and even musical tracks! If you’re looking for something cool, then be sure to check this one out as soon as possible cuz’ these guys are constantly rolling new updates so they can stay ahead of their competition.

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